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Woodstoves and Fireplaces at The Chimney Sweepers & Paris Stove Works

Whether you live in a home with a pre-existing chimney or are in an apartment or condo, we can maintain or install a fireplace or wood stove for you. Contact us today for more information.

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

With the advent of zero-clearance fireplaces, you can now enjoy the experience of a wood-burning fire in places that were previously unable to have fireplaces. For instance, any place that is within a close range of combustible materials was unable to have a fireplace due to safety reasons, but zero-clearance fireplaces come with insulation that enables them to be installed almost anywhere.

* Outdoor wood fireplaces available

Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove gets its fuel source from burning compressed wood or biomass pellets. This will create a source of heat for residential and industrial spaces. Pellet stoves come equipped with a hopper that will slowly feed the pellets to the fire requiring little to no physical adjustments on your part.

* Multi-fuel pellets available

Wood Stoves

If you are installing a wood stove, it needs an ICC or security chimney. We can do your installation according to all coding standards.

Floorboards & Hearth Pads

It’s important to take care of your floor when you have a wood stove or fireplace installed. We have floorboards and hearth pads to protect your floor and the surroundings.

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Fireplace Brands

See more about our fireplace brands:

Wood Stove Brands

See more about our wood stove brands:

Pellet Stove Brands

See more of our pellet stove brands:

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